Latest work



Visions and Revisions
When in Doubt, Make Art
The Overlook
Negative View
Pink Mountaintop
Chugging through Railtown
Then and Now
Moody Vancouver
On a Streak
Outside the Lines
Out of the Sun
Paths and Trails
Electric Avenue
Spark your Imagination
Raise the Red Marker
The Thin Green Line
Harbour Centre
A Page out of the Sketchbook
Stop along the Line
Split the Difference
Stand Still and you Disappear
Breaking Sunset
Makers Gonna Make
Stillness is the Move
The Curve
Heisenberg in the Waters
West Coast Vista
The Usual Suspect
Time Smooths Everything Over
Every Colour
Smoky Sunset
Water Colours
The East Van Sign in a Fiery Sky
Under Lions Gate Bridge
Girl in a Sunrise
Burrard Bridge Sunset
East Van Cross and the Skyline
The East Van Cross
Moody Whyetcliff
Rocky Seawall Waters at Stanley Park
Surreal Vancouver View of the Lions
Woodward's Building Spin
Olympic Cauldron, Vancouver, I
Gateway to the Northwest Passage at Sunrise
Vanier Park in Vancouver
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