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Reflection Pool
Quite a Quality View
Blurrard Bridge
Colours of Autumn
Orange Rush
On the Rails


Waterfront Scene
Moving Mountains
Colour Parade
The Curve II
The Curve I
Snowy Vancouver Sea Wall
Today's Shipment
White Sand Beach II
White Sand Beach
Snow on Glass
Frozen Sea Wall II
More Pink than you Think
Still in Motion


Timelapse Vancouver
A Winter Morning
Adrift Under Stars
Colour out of Space II
Colour out of Space I
Morning in the Streets
Between Seasons


In a World


A light hits the gloom on the grey
Some Sunset
Towers of Light

Earlier 2020

Last Rays
Evening Brushwork
All Eyes West
Still and All
Lucid Dream
City Spectrum
Wish You Were Here
Distance over Time
Mirror Pond I
Civil Twilight, II
Civil Twilight, I
Harbour Air
Ivy Wall, City Hall
Winter Scene in Stanley Park
Snowy Slhx̱í7lsh
Frozen Sea Wall I
Tones of Toronto
Haze in the Six


You have to leave a place to really see it
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