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I’ve been working with cameras for over a decade, starting out as a videographer. After capturing events for a few years I became more interested in the still photos. A photo can be one iconic image that tells the whole story, and that you can perfect and adjust until it becomes a work of art. This made me curious about the possibilities of still photos, so I started taking my own.

Video and film deal with time and with change. A photo is quite different in that the reference frame is just a moment. It freezes and elevates one split second. Maybe due to my background in film, I feel that just a moment is not enough. I want to collect the light from many moments, allowing an image to form that goes beyond a “still” photo. This is essentially what a long exposure is, the technique used in most of the photos you'll find on this site.

I’ve often included several photos of the same scene; in different formats as well: landscape and portrait. Hopefully you’ll find something you’re interested in. All images are available for licensing, so please contact me if you'd like to use one.

If you’re looking for stock footage of Vancouver, I have a library of timelapses from all over the city available for licensing. Check out my Artist Page at Pond5 to browse. If you're looking to share your brand using video, you can find my video work here.

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